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John Anderson's experience is deep,  as he has seen and heard almost everything as the CEO of several different companies.  He is a great listener, an analytical thinker, and unemotional problem solver.  He is direct, and dives straight to the point to work out issues.  John has added value to our board and I consider him a friend after only two years of working together.

Mark Amarant - CEO & Founder

“We have only been working with John for a short amount of time, and he has already had a significant impact on our business and how we go to market. John’s experience and understanding of our industry has helped us refine our sales and marketing strategy, and has already lead to some significant wins for the business."

Patrick Carne - CEO & Co-Founder


John has been instrumental in bringing a high level of organization and focus to our start up.  He's helped us build a sales funnel with reporting metrics that keep the team KPI driven and energized.

Craig Caryl - CEO & Co-Founder


“John Anderson has been a tremendous asset to Serraview, and we were able to see benefit from his vast sales experience in a very short period of time.  John’s approach truly defines the terms “focus” and “result driven” and his work with us has already measurably improved our business.  This includes areas beyond what we had originally tasked him to do, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results.”

Tom Montesi - Global Head of Sales & Marketing

Anderson Court Reporting - Founder / Owner

“After working with John for the past year, I can definitively say he is an expert at helping executives get focused and building out a go to market strategy.   These were critical tasks for the company, enabling ACR to grow revenues and operate more efficiently.  His passion to see our business succeed permeates throughout his interactions with our team.  He also has a knack of showing a non-technical owner how to leverage technology to better manage their business by developing key performance indicators.   John has been a super mentor and advisor and is the first person that I call to bounce new ideas and challenges the business is facing.”

Jay Anderson, CEO & Founder

Anderson Baseball Academy - Founder

“I had the great fortune to have John involved from the very beginning of starting ABA.   His experience in all facets of business, from assisting us in developing a revenue and expense budget, to negotiating leases for real estate and equipment has allowed us to be profitable from month one.   John’s creativity has enabled us to develop new programs and services to increase our revenues.   One of the things I value most in our relationship is that he has experienced the highs and lows of being an entrepreneur and can put your mind at ease when you feel like you’re a facing an insurmountable challenge.”

Matt Anderson, Owner

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