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byteSIZED Guide to Utilization Technology

New sensor technology for the workplace is set to revolutionize buildings and provide detailed data on utilization and occupancy for the first time. This report defines the market and summarizes 33 of the leading vendors alongside case studies and future innovation.

Complied by industry experts, this 80 page guide helps you save $100,000's in lease costs by learning how to leverage utilization technology to consolidate your portfolio, getting better seating ratio's or preventing you from leasing additional space not required. Get the right knowledge to develop a strategy for real estate innovation and learn about ‘PropTech’ or 'CREtech.

Understand smart or connected buildings and the move to ‘real time real estate’. Look at big data and the rise of data analytics for the workplace. Read profiles on each of the top 33 software and sensor vendors focused on space utilization all in one guide.

Learn what clients think about the vendor they chose and the technology they implemented. To view The byteSIZED Guide to Utilization Technology sample guide please visit the Unwired website.

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